IPCL supplies fully machined and ready-for-use investment cast parts to manufacturers of:
  • Two Wheeler
  • Three Wheeler
  • Four Wheeler
  • Tractor
  • Bus & Truck
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
  • Off-Road Vehicles
The components supplied to automotive industry includes:
  • Transmission Parts (Gear Shifter Levers, Forks, Fingers, etc.)
  • Engine parts (Injector Clamping Brackets, Pre-combustion Chambers)
  • Clutch Parts
  • Coolant Connections, Diffusers, Gas Boxes, Gas Tanks, etc. for EGR.

Aerospace & Defence

Parts being supplied for Aircrafts & Satellite Launch Vehicles:
  • Gimbal Box
  • Pedestal Unit
  • Structural Castings

Turbochargers for
Diesel Engines

Parts being supplied:
  • Radial Nozzle Rings
  • Axial Nozzle Rings

Power Plants

Parts being supplied:
  • Steam Turbine Blades
  • Impellers
  • Diffusers

Pumps & Valves

Parts being supplied:
  • Impellers
  • Diffusers
  • Valve Body

Medical Implants

Parts being supplied:
  • Knee Joint
  • Prosthetic Assembly Parts

Electrical &

Parts being supplied:
  • Housing for Flow Meters
  • Coil Lug

General Engineering

Parts being supplied:
  • Various parts as per customer requirements.


Parts being supplied:
  • Frame & Body castings


Parts being supplied:
  • Connecting Rod
  • Piston

Artisan Castings

Beautiful artistic castings made from Bronze, Brass, etc. as:
  • Sacral Sculptures
  • Statues
  • Candlestand
  • Lamps etc.

Machined Components from Barstock

I&PCL has been machining investments castings to meet customer requirements from 1990 onwards with the aid of manual operated machines. This activity has been further upgraded and improved to meet the exacting requirements of customers by replacing the manual machines by CNC machines. The machining activity was completely modernized to a CNC shop in 2009. film izleme sitesi
Currently we are having a Fully Air – conditioned shop within an area of 420 sq. meters. This shop consisting of the latest CNC machines is having a total of 21 machines consisting of VMC—16 nos./ CNC lathes—5 nos. and two Turn mill centre’s on order.
With a fully equipped Inspection facilities and qualified and experienced staff we have the capability to produce machined components from Bar Stock from various materials such as Steels, Aluminium, Nickel, Copper and Cobalt based alloys.

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