Material Specifications

Listed below are most commonly poured alloys in IPCL. IPCL pours over 150 different alloys, confirming to different international standards like ASTM, DIN, JIS, IS, BS etc.

  • In Ferrous specifications, we handle Carbon Steels, Low alloy Steels, Case hardening Steels, Austenitic Stainless Steels, Martensitic Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steels, Cast Iron and Ductile Iron (SG Iron).

  • In Non-Ferrous specifications, we handle Pure Copper and Copper Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, Nickel base Alloys and Cobalt base Alloys.
Our broad selection of alloys helps you to select the alloy that is best suited for your Stainless Steel Investment Castings or Aluminum Investment Casting and will meet your performance requirements. No other process offers as many alloys to choose from as the investment casting process. Our Metallurgical and Engineering staffs are available at any time to answer any questions you may have about a particular alloy or any application. From aluminum investment castings to low alloy investment castings to stainless steel investment castings, IPCL has the alloy that will best meet your needs.
Carbon Steel and Alloy Steels
1020 ASTM A-216 Gr.WCA 1025 ASTM A-216 Gr.WCB
ASTM A-352 Gr.LCA ASTM A-27 Gr.60-30
ASTM A-352 Gr.LCC ASTM A-27 Gr.65-35
ASTM A-732 Gr.1A IC 1020
1030 ASTM A-27 Gr.70-36 1040 ASTM A-732 Gr.3A,3Q IC 1040
ASTM A-27 Gr.70-36
1050 ASTM A-732 Gr.4A,4Q IC 1050 4130 ASTM A-732 Gr.7Q IC 4130
4140 ASTM A-732 Gr.8Q IC 4140 4330 ASTM A-732 Gr.9Q IC 4330
4340 ASTM A-732 Gr.8Q IC 4140 6150 ASTM A-732 Gr.12Q IC 6150
8620 ASTM A-732 Gr.13Q IC 8620 51200 ASTM A-732 Gr.15Q IC 52100
Cast Iron
Grey cast iron
S.G. Iron
Alloy Iron
Austenitic ASTM A-436 Type 1 & 1b Austenitic ASTM A-439 Type D2,D-2B,D-2C
Grey Iron ASTM A-436 Type 1 & 1b Ductile Iron ASTM A-439 Type D3,D-3A
ASTM A-436 Type 3,4,5 & 6 ASTM A-439 Type D4,D5
Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel
ASTM A-747 Gr.CB7Cu1
ASTM A-747 Gr.CB7Cu2
ASTM A-351 Gr.CD4MCu
Stainless Steel
302 ASTM A-743 Gr.CF-20 310 ASTM A-743 Gr.CK20
303 ASTM A-743 Gr.CF16Fa ASTM A-297 Gr.HK
304 ASTM A-743 Gr.CF3 ASTM A-351 Gr.CK20
ASTM A-743 Gr.CF8 316 ASTM A-743 Gr.CF3M
ASTM A-744 Gr.CF3 ASTM A-744 Gr.CF3M
ASTM A-744 Gr.CF8 ASTM A-743 Gr.CF8M
ASTM A-351 Gr.CF10 ASTM A-743 Gr.CF8M
Chromium Stainless Steel
410 ASTM A-743 Gr.CF-20 420 ASTM A-743 Gr.CA40
ASTM A-743 Gr.CF16Fa
ASTM A-743 Gr.CF3
410 Copper base alloy
Aluminium base alloy (Aluminium Si-Mg Alloy)
Nickel base alloy
Cobalt base alloy

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